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Surprised How Good This Is

I was in need of something better for cutting thin strips of masking tape instead of guessing the width with a straight edge. I saw this and eventually decided to try it out.
I was pleasantly surprised how good this tool is.
You apply the tape and run the knife following along the pre-etched lines and voila! Neatly cut strips of tape ranging from 1.0mm to 0.4mm wide.

5 stars service for all your base ic needs lol

Superb company superb customer service as always ordered from them many times and these are prompt courteous and there prices are amazing for bulk buying bases as I do got to get a further 1300 bases from them next year !


Looks great and fits very well.

Great Paints

Scale 75 paints are great to use when you get familiar with them. They have a high level of pigment which means they can be thinned down but still give good coverage.

Excellent paints

Once you get used to using them, Scale 75 are excellent paints to use. Can be thinned down yet still cover well.

Great paint

Lovely paint to work with great coverage and an excellent service from HOBBY HEAVEN highly recommended


Good quality as well as value for money. Perfect for proxies for your preferred tabletop game. Will order more when needed.

Great paint

Excellent paint great coverage highly recommended


Lovely paint highly recommended

My Goto Brush for Painting 28mm Miniatures

These are now my goto brush for painting 28mm miniatures. I used to always use Winsor & Newton Series 7 but when my usual supplier ran out I tried the R & Co Series 33. I have now been using the S33's for the past 2 years, they are just as good as the W & N S7 and cheaper.

Fast Delivery, Good Quality

Order arrived in barely 24 hours. Model is in one piece and well moulded.

Old school

Great bases, super clean and reliable. Just getting prepped from TOW building a undead army. These are great, highly recommended!

Great value

These bases are exactly what you’d expect, high quality to match big name companies but at a prices that doesn’t break the bank. Highly recommended. Why go anywhere else for bases?

Great paint

The range of colours i required at a good price in a set. First trials show that they both spray and brush to a good standard

AK Interactive Land Rover IIA SWB

I had been looking for a IIA SWB, hopefully in 1:24, found this one in 1:35. Extremely detailed model: in fact too detailed for my 67 yr old eyes- I am skipping quite a few of the tiny and over-the-top pieces, like steering linkages (for both RHD and LHD) consisting of at least a dozen separate pieces each. I might have managed it in 1:24, but 1:35 is too small. With that said, the moldings are crisp with almost no flash, and the instructions are the most complete I've seen yet (in over 50 years of model building).

Believe the hype

I was very happy when I purchased my set of Artis Opus S brushes, although not cheap they are well worth the money IMO. But is it really worth spending good money on fancy dry-brushes? In a word yes. The control and precision on these things is pretty great, and the blending and effects you can achieve border on amazing. I’m a convert

Best for miniature painting!

The Rosemary and Co Series 33 brushes are my go to for miniature painting. I generally use contrast/speedpaints, then highlight from there. My favorite is size 0, holds an excellent point, works for contrast paints and the highlights, keeps it shape, this is the rolls royce of brushes. Easy ordering through Hobby Heaven as well!

A great figure, ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Whilst I'm certainly no painting expert, these Discworld busts from Micro Arts, are a joy to paint. Plenty of detail, and a size that makes them great for showing off someone's painting skills. Even beginners like me, can create a decent attempt

I just wish Micro Arts brought out more Discworld figures in these larger sizes, either busts or larger figures

Great service and perfect product

A flawless online booking system and quick dispatch of my order of 25mm bases. Well packaged too. That is everything you want from a supplier so I would recommend highly.

Awesome bust! I love it. Many thanks to Hobby Heaven again. Great service and products.

paint and service

Great selection of paints at a great price and very quick dispatch of goods


Looks to be a very detailed kit, nice sharp details and crisp mouldings
The best Land rover kit out there at the present time

Great alternative to GW if you need to rebase models

Nicely cast piece. I am looking forward to painting her.

Nicely cast piece. I am looking forward to painting it

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