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AK Interactive Inferno and Red Creatures set

Stumbled across Hobby Heaven while searching for AK interactive paint sets and they had the cheapest price for these sets i had seen so decided to give a go. I ordered the inferno set, Blue essential colors and a few singles. I placed my order late on a Friday night after the same day shipping deadline, the items were shipped on the Monday and recieved on Wednesday which is still fast. As it goes i have only had chance to try the reds out so far and find them really easy to work with and they thin nicely and achieve a smoother blend in a shorter amout of time than other brands i have tried. Great first time experience and will be making more orders in the future. Thanks Hobby Heaven 👍

Great Value

Very high quality paints: barely need shaking before use; perfect (and uniform) consistency straight out of the bottle; matt finish without being so matt it's dull; slower drying time than most; don't separate on the wet palette... and easily the best price I could find online.

Nice Baces

very little if any flash, and blend in well with others.

Ideal for the effect needed

Wanted something different for basing chaos deamons and this stuff was just what I needed

Great bases and great value

This is the third batch of bases I've ordered and they are great. Shipping has always been quick and the quality is good. Will definitely be ordering again


Brilliant stuff for dioramas ak interactive can't go wrong...

This does absolutely nothing.

I left two dirty brushes in this over night which was dirty with some acrylic paint.
After 24 hours I wiped them on some paper towel and not a single fleck of paint was removed.
Very disappointed.
I don't know what this product is. It smells like premi-air foaming airbrush cleaner but has the viscosity of glycerin.
From what I can see it's entirely useless.

Great pose, details a bit messy

Love the pose / posture of these legs, make for some really interesting minis. Just a shame that they need quite a bit of cleaning up before use. Also some of the details are not very well printed / cast so it's hard to know what everything is

Great thanks

Accurate and speedy service with a good price! Really happy. Thanks so much 😁

Great Product and Supplier :)

Prompt service and always reliable, would recommend.

Good quality

Decent bases, same as gamesworkshop but cheaper

Great brushes.

They hold a good tip for a long time if cared for properly.
Excellent value brushes.

Great product and sercice

This is the second batch of bases I have ordered from the company and I have been extremely pleased with both. The quality, price and service are all fantastic and I’d have no problem recommending them to fellow hobbyists.


Fits in perfectly with all the others. Quick delivery.

Perfect match

A size I seem to use more & more for characters and objective markers.

Size 1

Excellent quality brush that holds a really fine point.

Really fun to use works at many scales with accurate looking results

Just what I needed!

Sods law , I ran out of these so I needed more. Quick delivery, much appreciated, top job!

Love em!

More quality from Micro Art Studio, great detail and well cast at a good price


Absolutely superb bust! Well cast, great detail and a decent size - big enough to see the detail but not too big to intimidate :D


Really nice brushes


Great bases, very cheap


Really pleased with the quick delivery and the product

An eye opener.

I've intended investigating what's available in the various sable brush ranges for a while now. I plan to get a selection of the most highly rated brushes and pick a running order for replacement brushes to save head scratching later.
I paint wargame figures and use a variety of types of paint and inks, including oils, so the brushes will have to suffer a fair amount of abuse. I've only had time to use the Raphael brushes a couple of times so far, but I'm already impressed. As many of the figures I paint are 15/18mm, I needed pretty fine brushes, but they also need to carry enough paint to do the job. So far they handle the job very well. Sharp point to cope with detail and the body of the brushes holds ample paint to get on with the job. They clean easily and retain their shape instantly.
So, despite the fact there's no such thing as a cheap Kolinsky Sable brush, they're good value and good quality. They'll have some stiff competition, but I'm very happy with them.

Fast delivery, great price and will be back

Ordered a load of 28mm rounds and 60x35mm bases as part of an AoS conversion project. Great price, bases are ideal and v prompt delivery.

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