AK Interactive 3rd Gen Acrylics Paints

AK Interactive 3rd Gen Acrylics Paints
Full range of AK interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics Paints and Auxiliaries

The basic label. The orange dot is the element that remarks a range of colors designed for any kind of modeler. The clear and easily identifiable label includes the name of the color and its reference code at the top.

Intense colors are identified with the yellow circle on the label. These tones contain pigments of high purity and high concentration for the most vivid colors.

There are 6 pastel colors within the range, which are identified by a pastel blue circle. These tones can be used, as the others, in any type of modeling, figures, sceneries, buildings, vehicles…

The range contains a selection of metallic tones with ultrafine pigmentation, intense and soft finished. Marked by the label featuring a dark blue circle.

The general label to identify the inks is the one with a brown circle. The inks of this range are not standard ones, the balance between fluidity and intensity allows to carry out the most challenging works. The selection of tones is ideal for working on most of the possible tones.

The bottles identified by labels with a grey circle comprise specially formulated mediums to modify the properties of paints.

Glaze medium dilutes the paints and extends their drying time allowing to make glazes or mixtures.
Metallic medium mixed with other paints offers a pearly and metallic effect.
Crackle Medium causes the paint to crack.
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