Our Story

Hobby Heaven was born with a mission – to source and sell the finest quality artist brushes in the world. But we were small and unknown, which made it an incredibly daunting challenge.

We had to overcome many obstacles in our quest for success; convincing producers to take us seriously wasn’t easy at first! However, with perseverance and determination, after several years of hard work, we eventually succeeded.

Throughout this journey, we learned about our customer's needs (yours!) and evolved as a business. Nowadays, Hobby Heaven sells brushes from several renowned brands - with more being added all the time! We are so proud of what we have achieved so far but know that there is still much more to be done before every artist can access their ideal brush set.

As home-grown Artists and Hobbyists ourselves, we derive so much joy from selling what is essentially our own passion. We love sharing our vision with new customers who come to us looking for something special - brushes that don't just look good but also feel great when in use. 

For all these reasons, Hobby Heaven has become a go-to destination for both professional artists and hobbyists alike – so let’s keep on making dreams come true!

At our store, you'll find a wide selection of brushes for all types of painting. From traditional and modern synthetic filaments to hand-made natural hair varieties, we've got the right brush for all your needs! Whether it's fine detailing or large stroke coverage -- you can trust that every brush is crafted with care and guaranteed quality. Shop now and get inspired!


Choose from our variety of shapes, sizes, materials and brands to create beautiful artwork. With our convenient shipping options and unbeatable prices, you'll never have to go anywhere else for all your painting supplies. So don't wait any longer--get the perfect brush today and make art like a pro!


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