Our Story

Hobby Heaven Ltd.


It all began as a hobby…


 Our Story


Hobby Heaven didn’t really started out of nowhere, it began the way we believe every project, brand or business should do it: Under a passion that makes us feel happiness, fun and serenity, with the intention to turn it into fulfillment through providing & helping others –people who are just as enthusiasts as us for the same thing, miniatures.

The place was West London, right in 2017. As a couple, we both were already feeling a fascination towards figurines, miniatures, busts, history & modelling, as the crafting process means to shape bare materials and delicately turn them into pieces with a meticulous finishing, which only highlights their impressive, realist features. We were thrilled by this art, so we decided to buy abandoned, secondhand models, and give them a new life by repairing and selling them, so they could land on the hands of someone who would appreciate them as well.

We must admit it was frenzied at the beginning, but everything is brand-new when you’re a learner: Our work took up to 15 hours a day, as we travelled through the city (and other cities) to handpick interesting models and make deals for them. While we offered our services & products through eBay, we were keeping our main jobs –this was, after all, a hobby. But then, it turned into something amazing for us.

As miniatures & models were taking more of us, like our joy, time and effort, this translated into a huge, positive support from our clients; however, we quickly noticed the pains and problems when buying these pieces: Deliveries with an awful, improvised packaging (crumpled shoe box with toilet paper wrapping, we saw you), dark or blurry product photos, mistakes on the descriptions… We’ve had enough of sloppy practices, and we thought the people, the hobbyists and artists, deserved better.

It’s fair to say we broke up with the rookies, and created a standard that would strive for quality, one in which products, their photos and descriptions were well-made, detailed and professional. We also started to make our own product pictures and descriptions, to let our unique essence to express itself inside the market. That, was the official beginning of the Hobby Heaven shop.

And as we love to be authentic to ourselves & our promises, Hobby Heaven soon grew marvelously into something ampler, bigger. Resources were only arising, but our purpose to give a complete, thoughtful experience to every person (whether it was a collector, an occasional hobbyist or an artist) remained the same; it was and still is our value.

Today, Hobby Heaven has become Hobby Heaven Ltd., with its headquarters now looking north as we relocated to Derby, Midlands. This shouldn’t be surprising, because it’s a place widely recognized by its history: The industrial revolution began in here, changing the game for the UK and the whole world; and we wanted to be here, right where the first movements came from, to embrace the new ones with hope.

For us, it’s clear that Hobby Heaven has evolved, entering with energy and resilience into an era of disruption: While others have fallen midway, we adapt ourselves to what our people need, resulting so in a creative, unstoppable rise. Now, do we know what the future holds for what we do? Not really, everything is in the making.

But, there’s something we can’t stress enough: Where there is hard work, there’s also satisfaction. And this one turns into a full circle, when there’s love for what you do.

We give the best of ourselves to hand you excellence and quality, and it’s the least we can do, because we’re grateful for all the people who supports Hobby Heaven, from our clients to the community. You’re the ones who constantly help us to be where we are, and we can feel the best is yet to come.

Hobby Heaven will always serve you with the best products and the kindest service; it’s our purpose after all.


With all our passion,

Michal Zysk & Monika Dobkowska, Founders of Hobby Heaven.

Derby. 26.03.2021

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