3d Printing Services

3D printing has become a reality and has given us the opportunity to supply you with the highest quality unique models
Hobby Heaven offers 3d printing services (resin print) for its customers.


Umm, okay, but what is really in it for me?

3d printing enables to achieve results which were not possible before.

Imagine, that all the models you have been collecting until today, had to be developed and involved investment of huge money and time in order to produce casts (molds).

Only then was it possible to sell high volumes  of each of these plastic and resin models which you own today.

3D printing allows you to skip the expensive and time-consuming prototyping process, tests and cast production.

It provides you with not only a possibility to excessively reduce the cost of a model but also to easily modify the product and ,above all, to adjust it to the needs of a customer.

Due to the 3d printing revolution, practically everybody with a little bit of persistence, is able to become a designer, to print and market his own projects.

It is a change which turns the market upside down.

All right, but what is in it for me?

  • If you are a commission painter – 3d prints may excessively reduce your model purchase costs and make your creations uniquely detailed. It helps to increase the worth of your work the moment you decide to sell it.
  • Moreover, you become less dependable on your chosen brand producing models, their pricing policy and stock inventory. Today, it is you who decides which model you want to produce, together with the selection of its appropriate parameters and scale. You will no longer get disappointed when you find out that the sculpt you have always wanted not available in stock. Of course the printed models are also less expensive than the ones sold in high volume.
  • By ordering our services and commissioning us to develop model supports, to print the model out, to verify its quality and to do the cleaning, you save time which you can use to dive in your favorite hobby or spend it with your loved ones.
  • Ordering our services means avoiding getting dirty with resin and exposing yourself and your loved ones to related hazards. We do all the dirty work for you.
  • You do not clean the resin, you do not inhale toxic fumes. You do not have to take care of buying and completing all those additional accessories and elements required for printing. You do not have to fix and maintain expensive and usually fragile machines.
  • You simply order a selected product and after a several days you may enjoy a finished model which was produced just for you. Isn’t it beautiful?
  • Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when your army becomes supplemented with your newly printed superb models. Special, unique, evoking jealousy? Oh yeah!
  • Original and creative solutions always attract more attention in the environment and provide you with a possibility to start new relationships.
  • Such unique model is obviously a great material for a central place in each display case – the pride place of every hobbyist 



It can be your own store,  your own studio, your own collection of models for tabletop games.


In fact, this is your history, your product and your dreams.
We are here only to help you fulfill them.


Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any additional questions or if you want us to print your own project for you.


Benefits, In a Nutshell:

  • Print your unique model or customize it with your bits. By doing that, raise your income opportunities related to the sales of such piece.
  • By ordering a small studio to print your model you save money. Your money will be transferred directly to a print provider and artists. It enables us to develop ourselves and provide you with even better services.
  • You will never lose your precious time again looking for a stock. You will never see OOS status again and you will never have to wait for weeks until your goods become available in stock. We have thousands of finished projects which are just waiting to be printed.
  • You avoid all of the efforts related to preparation and printing of a model.
  • You avoid tiresome cleaning of the product and removal of any shortcomings.
  • You avoid all of these additional and not necessarily safe activities related to the process. You will also not have to worry about the wear-and-tear of the equipment or about replacing worn out parts.
  • You just simply click and wait for a mailman. Think how many hours more you can spend with your loved ones and on your hobby.
  • Unique models attract attention and are an object of other hobbyists jealousy.
  • Are you looking for a painting challenge which will provide you with an opportunity to develop your skills even more? You get unlimited possibilities to develop your hobby - tailored to fit your needs.


Please have a look at our 3d printing section. You will find hundreds of designs there. Eventually there will be several thousand models ready to print.

If you have your own project and would like us to print it for you please let us know by writing to us by email:


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