3D Prints

3D Prints

The offer concerns the models printed in 3d resin printing technology.

 Here is a brief description of the service:

What happens when I buy this model?

  1. The process of preparing the model for printing will begin
  2. The model will be printed and checked
  3. The model will be cleaned of supports and any excess resin will be removed
  4. The model is cured (resin curing)
  5. The model will be carefully packed and sent to you. Expect a larger package, bubble wrap, and lots of soft paper. You will be notified by email (or text message) when it is shipped.
  6. The model will need some fine-tuning before painting


Additional information:

  • Waiting time is 5-12 days depending on the amount of workload. We need some time to prepare and print your model and some time for possible print failures (yes, it happens and we do not hide it). You may get your model sooner
  • In a case where you buy more than one model, the waiting time will not be longer
  • Combined shipping is used. So you only pay for the shipping once.
  • Shipping costs for 3d prints. Domestic 1st class tracked - 5GBP. International tracked and signed 8- 11 GBP.

The range of models will continue to grow. Please choose a studio from the drop down list if you want to know more about a particular designer.

The offer will grow, the planned size of the collection is several thousand designs.

Current number: approx. 400

If you want to know more please read our 3dprinting section at the bottom of the page.  There we have explained in detail all the benefits of using this service.

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