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Hobby Heaven 


A hobby, our passion, your happiness.


About Us


Hobby Heaven is a family-owned business, one that we created by following a passion, which then turned into a purpose. We’re massive enthusiasts of figurines & miniatures, because we do notice and appreciate the talent, ability and patience it takes to give life into materials, transforming them into something we consider are little sculptures, and therefore, a modern twist on a timeless art.

Our beginnings gave us the teachings, as well as the vision for what we really wanted to do. Now, Hobby Heaven is exactly that, a paradise for the collectors, hobbyists, miniature artists and fans of all sizes, whether you’re the owner of a huge collection or just an occasional fan who wants to treat itself with a lovely, quality-made piece. We’re here to attend and care for everyone who trusts in what we do, which is why we promise ourselves to only provide excellence in miniatures, supplies and accessories, so you can truly find all that you need to create (or expand) your collection, in just one heavenly place.

And even though everything we develop is made for the e-commerce format, it’s on us that you to know we’re not robots that just produce and duplicate, as we consider every single client’s needs, wishes and suggestions. Hobby Heaven performs with kindness and thoughtfulness, two qualities that let us be more human, and allows HH to have its own essence, something that can’t be cookie-cut within a business.

Now, what do you receive in your hands, each time you buy from Hobby Heaven? Our gratefulness, and our values as well:

  • Quality: This is a must for us and we think it should be for you too, so we only include renowned brands, authentic, certified products and rare collector pieces.
  • Reliability: Trust is something that’s not granted, it’s earned. We believe our actions have to be aligned with our promises, so we reflect this through all that we do at Hobby Heaven, from the stock we indicate to have available, to your order’s dates.
  • Passion: We’ve said it a lot, but it never gets old for us: you need to love your work so it can be an excellent one. It’s all about leaving a positive mark on the people who trust us, so only miniature lovers work at Hobby Heaven; that way, we’ll be assured you receive accurate information and valuable advice when shopping.
  • Support: Without the fraternity and cheer from hobbyists, artists and clients overall, we surely wouldn’t be here. We see this and we feel the need to give back, so we support local artists by collaborating with them and selling their creations through Hobby Heaven, as we also talk about their studios.

And honestly, the only thing that we look to repeat over and over, at Hobby Heaven, is the sky-high standard that we want to deliver towards our clients, our people. This gives place into amazing, heartwarming experiences for them and for us; ones we hope only continue through time.



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