Scale75 Paints Ranges

Scale75 Paints Ranges
Scale75 is a very well-known company, based in Spain.

Their paints are widely recognized and acknowledged by artists and miniature painters all over the world.

There are several lines of paint that are adapted to specific needs.

Scale75 Scalecolor Range - 64 colours.
Scale75 Fantasy & Games - 47 colours.
Scale75 Inktensity - 16 colours.
Scale75 FX Fluor Experience - 8 colours.
Scale75 Metal n' Alchemy - 24 colours.
Scale75 Warfront - 64 colours.
Scale75 Scalecolor Artist - 48 colours.
There are also paint sets in sets of 4 or 8 and they are usually more attractive in price. 

If you would like to learn more about the characteristics of each of the range, please click on the category of your choice on the left.

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